Made in USA + Foreign sources direct from factories that have FDA certified PPE for Colleges, Universities, Athletic Programs, Teachers, Schools, Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Hospitals, Clinics, and all First Responders.

*All orders min. bulk amounts per manufacturers.*

Why Choose Us?

Digijaks Group (www.digijaks.com) is a certified covid19 emergency response vendor for multiple States, FEMA and the UN. We have successfully gotten mass amounts of PPE into dozens of States since February 2020.

Our response to Covid19 has included vendor due diligence, as well as buyer of record and supply chain security.

* Domestic "Made in USA" supply chain for certified NIOSH and FDA/CDC N95 Respirator masks, face shields, isolation gowns and caps.

* Foreign supply chain that includes US FDA approved + NIOSH certified masks from India, as well as  the entire set up of required PPE, and hand sanitizers for a surgical suite, and hospital ICUs as well as schools, dentists and doctors.

Please contact us if you need something not currently shown.

We can accommodate all of your PPE needs. Thank you.

Thank you so much for getting us the face shields we needed in an emergency! Couldn't have done it without you.

Rehab Center

You allowed us to open our practice on time after the quarantine of 2020. Thank you!


We really appreciate being able to order directly, and it only took a short time to get what we needed. Thanks so much.

Regional Clinic

About Us

Crisis Security PPE

Digijaks Group, LLC is a Covid19 Emergency Response Vendor to multiple States, FEMA and the UN.

Additionally the company is an authorized supplier to HealthTrust.

Schools. Hospitals. Doctor/Nurse/Dentist Groups.

All orders will be processed with originating factories who will ship to your location, No inventory is kept on hand, all orders process at time of payment.